The Road To Creating The Untamed Gal Podcast

The Untamed Gal is a challenge-based lifestyle podcast to help you live a life on your terms - Jules

It's finally here!!!!!!!!!!!

The Untamed Gal podcast is launching today! Dam, what a crazy journey this has been!

Going through the creation and production process of this show helped me so much in my journey to live an untamed life. Initially, I was so scared to release this show. Like, scared as in "it took me over 2 years to launch" scared. 

Have you ever had these bashful voices in your head distracting you from your goals?? I sure did! The voices in my heads kept telling me my podcast sucked and that no one would listen. Many times I’ve let these voices take over and distract me from my goal.

But, after a while, I realized that if I was going to let this bashful voice win, then I wasn’t really walking my talk.  I was not being an Untamed Gal, I was being a scared Gal. Another epiphany (or maybe just too much wine) made me realize how self-centred I was for thinking this way. See, the thing about fear is that it becomes more powerful the moment you make it all about you: fear of judgment, fear of failure, fear of not being good enough. And yes, that fear is real for sure! Fear never goes away. But,  by focusing on you, you give fear its burning fuel.


When I remembered this podcast was NOT about me but ALL about you, my fear didn’t scream as loud. I was able to keep going and launch my show.

In this show, I'll bring you experts, trailblazers and disrupters that will inspire you to live from a place of authenticity, audacity and integrity so that you can live a life of love, independence and freedom. A life that's true to you. 

This podcast is a different ball game. The people who know me personally know I always do things differently. The Untamed Gal podcast is a challenged-base lifestyle and business podcast. Challenge what?! Have you ever listened to an insightful podcast episode or read an epic book that taught you insightful lessons yet, you've never taken action on them? Trust me, I do this all the dam time! But since this show is all about taking action, things are going to be different for you.

Every week, each guest will give me a challenge that I'll have to take on publicly, for the following 7 days! Crazy right? The cool thing is, you'll be able to take on the challenge with me! So if you've been hungry for more but desperately need accountability and support, dude, this is for you!

Wouldn't you like to have a group of awesome like-minded people to grow and learn with? Wouldn't that help you boost your confidence?? If you follow through the challenge, you'll get the chance to come on the show and share your experience with me! 


Another cool thing about the show is that instead of only getting sponsors, the show will sponsor people, charities or causes that I believe in and who need awareness.  I believe in having a purpose-driven podcast, and I will use my platform to give back to the world in any way I can. And since I know you’re a change-maker, you’ll dig this too!


Listen to Episode #1 of the Untamed Gal podcast right here. In this solo episode, I share what the show is about, who it’s for and what you can expect in the weeks to come!

If you like the show, subscribe to it, leave a review and share it with your world! It would mean so much to me. And please send me a DM or a message here to introduce yourself. I'd love to get to know you!

Big hug,

Jules xo

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