Hi, I'm Jules St.Louis!

I'm a former National boxer, a professional stunt woman and host of the Untamed Gal Podcast.

A total nerd, I'm obsessed with learning, growing, expanding and having insightful conversations with game-changers and disrupters of this world. Oh, and I also have a strange addiction to pizza.

What drive's me? Reminding people of who they were before the world told them who to be. Getting them to reconnect with their own essence so that they can live a life on their terms. A life of love, freedom and independence.

I've created a challenge-based lifestyle podcast to help you get untamed, let go of your preconceived limitations and get you to take massive action. Watch me take on the challenges given by my guests live on social media.
The good, the bad, the ugly, come witnessed it all.

Better yet, take on the challenge with me!

You don't need to justify your actions to anyone else but you.
Own that shit.

Daring to change

At some point, we all need to take ownership for our lives. There's comfort in remaining a victim of our circumstances but there's true power in taking control of our growth.

It's time

What drives me is the desire to help you push through your discomfort and take fearless action towards what sets your heart on fire. There is a world of potential resting inside of you, and I refuse to let you waste it.

Time is the most valuable resource you have, and before mine is up, I make it my mission to remind you of you you were before the world told you who to be.

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