Episode 6 | Dorothy Ratusny

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"When a woman embraces who she really is, that is the biggest source of power."

- Dorothy

Does it feel like the entire world is flipping upside down? There's so much going on in our world right now and if you feel anxious or depressed, please know that you are not alone. A lot of people are going through a difficult time. But in this episode, we're going to sit down with psychotherapist Dorothy Ratusny to learn how to cope with anxiety during a crisis and the road to reach radical self-love.

Dorothy Ratusny

"When you begin looking for the good in a situation or a crisis, you change your perspective from fear, panic, worry to hope and possibility." - Dorothy

Dorothy Ratusny is a registered psychotherapist who specializes in merging the traditional approach of psychotherapy with the principles of conscious spirituality to help people cultivate breakthroughs in awareness, self-sovereignty and acceptance. She’s been doing this work for over a decade now. She is an innovator, she pushes preconceived limitations and she’s shifting the standards of traditional psychotherapy.

Dorothy’s practice is built upon the teachings of awakening authentic power and embracing our true nature as a divine reflection of universal truth and love. She encourages individuals to embrace their authentic nature, and unleash their innate and infinite knowing by empowering a return to "self" and a heart-felt desire to honour the inner work that allows for sustainable healing and transformation.  

Some Of The Question I Ask

- How do you suggest we cope with uncertainty during these very difficult times?

- How can we get more comfortable being alone with ourselves?

- How can someone cope with depression during the quarantine?

- How we move from a place of self-hatred to self-acceptance?

What You'll Learn

- How to cope with anxiety during a crisis
- How to let go of things you can't control
- How to get comfortable being alone
- What to do if feeling suicidal
- How to reach a place of radical self-love
- How to reach self-acceptance

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