Episode 7 | Lee Chambers

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Have you ever felt so lost and had no idea what you wanted to do with your life? Living a purposeful life is a REAL THING but you can't find your purpose in any book, program or online course. Today, I discuss with my guest how to build a resilient mindset, what it means to be a "real man" in our society and how to connect with your purpose and live authentically.

Lee Chambers

Lee Chambers lost the ability to walk when he was only 29yrs, with a brand new wife who was six months pregnant and his son being 18 months old. This significant set back made him dig deep into himself and find the courage to fight for his life, and build himself back up.

Today, Lee is an environmental psychologist, wellbeing consultant, functional life coach and an expert on nutrition & sleep. Founder of Essentialise, he is on a mission to help thousands of individuals and businesses by teaching them conscious and purposeful leadership internally.

Some Of The Question I Ask

- Is growth more difficult to achieve for a man than for a woman?
- How do we ease into our suffering and build more resilience?
- What does it mean to live a life with purpose? What does purpose looks like?
- What is the first step someone can take to start discovering their purpose?
- How can we make the difference between our inner voice and our conditioning?
- When you lost the ability to walk, what made you not give up?

What You'll Learn

- How to use adversity to your advantage
- What it means to be a real man in our world
- How society's bias is affecting men's mental health
- What it means to live authentically 
- How to connect with your purpose

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