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The Untamed Gal podcast is launching today! It's a challenge-based lifestyle podcast to help you dare to become more and live a life on your terms.

Dam, what a crazy journey this has been! So many days have gone by from the first day the idea of creating a podcast happened until releasing it today. Two years to be exact. I've done some scary stuff in my life, especially in my job as a stunt woman. But gals, I got to admit, releasing a podcast into the world as been the scariest of them all!


This show was created for you. For that Gal who wants to live a life of love, independence and freedom. That Gal who knows who she is and doesn't let the world define her. Maybe she's a solopreneur and dreams of creating a purpose-driven business to leave her mark on the world. She could also be a woman who doesn't live by society's rules, she lives by her own. It's for a Gal who's doesn't deny  her own vulnerability but instead, walks with it.

Maybe, you are that. Or maybe you are all of the above too. Either way, I made this show for you so that you feel less alone and more supported going through this crazy journey of becoming all you can be.


A mix of interviews and solo episodes, I get the honour to talk with top experts, disrupters, world athletes and trailblazers whom are sharing their stories so that you can walk away with a mind buzzing with ideas and strategies to create a life of growth, freedom and independence. During real conversations, you'll learn about powerful mindsets, life-changing habits, business strategies, lifestyle entrepreneurship, relationships secrets, health & wellness tips, sustainable living, overcoming adversity, authentic leadership and so much more.

So whether you plan to conquer the world or save it, I got you covered!


Actually, you don't have to care. We'll still be cool if you don't listen to the show. But if you do, there's two big difference about this podcast.

  1. This show will sponsor any people, charity or causes in need of support by bringing awareness to their mission and needs. We're all about giving back anytime we can and your a change-maker too, we know your dig this too.
  1. This is a challenge-based podcast. This means every guest who comes on the show give a 7-day challenge to Jules who will have to complete it publicly on social media. Crazy right? The cool part is that you'll be able to take on these new challenges every week with me if you feel like it!

Some Of The Question I Ask

  • This is a solo episode so I didn't ask any questions but my girlfriends sent me a bunch of steamy questions I had to answer! Listen to Episode #1 to find out what they were!

What You'll Learn

  • What the show is about
  • Who it's for
  • What you can expect in the coming episodes
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