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" A lot of athletes go through this because you're only as good as your last fight, and my last fight was very shitty. At that moment, I was able to see my daughter's face in my mind, and it was enough to prevent me from jumping and continue to live." - Jonathan Goulet

If you're an ex-athletes who's struggling with life after sport, depression or if you've simply hit rock bottom, this episode is for you. Former UFC Fighter Jonathan Goulet and I talk about why athletes can face depression once they retire, how difficult it can be for them to return to the gym and how to find joy again. Jonathan and I have been friends for over a decade now and it's an honour to have him on the show to get real, start a conversation that matters and celebrate The Untamed Gal Podcast 10th episode.

The Road Warrior

Famously known as the Road Warrior, Jonathan is a retired professional MMA fighter who fought professionally for 9 yrs, with a total of 36 fights, 9 of them in the UFC. People started calling him "The Road Warrior" after he took a fight on a very short notice, and travelled to the venue without his trainers and cornermen.

After his retirement, Goulet struggled with severe depression and suicide attempt. Depression is something he struggled with for years, including while he was fighting.

Today, Jonathan has made a full recovery and after loosing one of his closest friend to suicide, he decided to help people who are struggling with mental health by getting them to start becoming physically active. On February 29th 2020, he started is 4000km from Montreal to St.Johns' to bring awareness to mental health and show people how to overcome depression through daily movement. Sadly COVID-19 forced him to stopped his long journey only a few weeks in however, once the lockdown is finished, you'll be able to find him walking & hiking around the country.

This is a deep and profound conversation. Him and I both laughed, cried, talking about our victories and hardships, we discussed why a lot of former athletes deal with depression when they retire, what happens in the brain’s chemistry when an athlete stopped competing, I even opened up to Jonathan about my biggest struggle I’m still trying to overcome right now.

Some Of The Question I Ask

Tell me why you choose MMA and to become a professional fighter?

How was life after you retired? Did you struggle or was it easy for you to adapt?

How did you manage to get through your depression?

Did you feel motivated to train again after you stopped competing?

At this time in your life, what brings you joy?

What You'll Learn

Why he got into martial art

He’s experience fighting in the UFC

How we manage to fight without a single coach in his corner

Life after his retirement

He’s struggle with depression and staying alive

What happens to your brain’s chemistry when you compete, exercise or create

How he overcame depression and find meaning in life again after sports.

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