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" If nothing changes, nothing changes. - Jim Thomson

Have you ever struggled with addiction? Have you ever drank the entire bottle when your original intention was to have just a glass? I know the feeling all to well and that's why I've reached out to someone who's an expert on the subject!

Jim Thomson

Jim started playing hockey at the age of 15 yrs and went on to play ten years of professional hockey in the NHL. Fame, money, celebrities, parties, 5-star service everywhere he went, playing with top-level guys like Mario Lemieux and Wayne Gretzky, Jim definitely lived his dream.

When he retired from his career due to an injury, the dream stopped abruptly, and Jim fell into a severe depression. The depression quickly became a nightmare when he started using drugs regularly. His breaking point happened when he almost died of a suicide overdose. But out of the blue, when Jim was sitting quietly on a plane on his way back home from a 48hrs party, he silently decided to get sober. That day was 12yrs ago, and Jim is not only still sober, but he's also helping others to overcome addiction.

Not everyone get's out of the unforgiving grips of addiction. I'm so grateful Jim made it out alive so that he can join us today and share his inspirational story.

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Some Of The Question I Ask

How was it to live out your dream of playing in the NHL?
Why did you start using?
What was your drug of choice?
How did you overcome your addiction?
What legacy do you want to leave behind?

What You'll Learn

The first step to overcome any addiction.
The number one reason why people are relapsing after rehab.
How Jim was able to get sober cold-turkey.
The best thing you can do if you feel worthless right now.

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