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"Unveil who you are and don’t be afraid to stumble and fall and get up and realize what is there instead of trying to attain something." - Elvis Stojko

Do you sometimes struggle with the feeling or thought of not good enough? It sucks doesn't it. It seems to show up in the moments when you need it the least: about to speak in front of people, asking this cute guy on a date, starting you own podcast!

Today I am H-O-N-O-U-R-E-D to talk about this issue and so much more with figure skating World Champion & Olympian Silver medalist, Elvis Stojko.


Elvis Stojko is known for breaking down barriers and winning against all odds. When an entire sport wanted him to conform, Elvis knew deep down that it wasn't the way to go. The only way that made sense for him was his way. He struggled to be accepted for the athlete that he was but the struggle paid off!

Elvis became 3x World Champion, 2x Silver Olympic Medalist, 7x Canadian Champion, Chinese Martial Arts Champion, Phenomenal Actor and Race Car Driver. He was the first man to land a quadruple jump in a combination and introducing martial arts on ice. Come listen to why he watched figure skating with Chuck Norris and how he was able to fight his inner demons, unveil who he is and reach a place of complete self-love and acceptance.

This episode is field with wisdom bombs. I'm so excited for you to listen! Find out what challenge Elvis gave me and take on the challenge with me!

Elvis Stojko ON Facing Your Demons & Unveiling Who You Are

Some Of The Question I Ask

How did you deal with the pressure of an entire sport trying to turn you into someone you where not.

You are known for breaking down barriers in the men's figure skating world.  What barriers did you have to break down within yourself to allow the Elvis you are today to come forth?

How does generational legacy plays a role in how we perceive ourselves and the world around us?

Now that you know who Elvis is deep down. What do you get to experience now that the previous version of Elvis didn’t get to experience?

What You'll Learn

Overcoming Generational Patterns
Unveiling Who You Are
Why Growth Is Overrated
Letting Go Of Judgment
Facing Your Demons

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