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- Madison

As long as I can remember, I've always been afraid of sharks. Every time I'd jumped into the ocean, my mind would endlessly wrap around the idea that a shark could attack me. Thanks, Jaws! While most of us would swim the farthest away from any shark, my guest on today's episode actually enjoy spending every minute she can swimming with them.

The Shark Girl

"We live in a world where society tells us what we should do. I was told I should go to school and get a degree in marine biology, and do this and do that, and I just like doing the opposite of what people tell me. So I honestly think the more people tell you that you can’t succeed, they're inspiring you." - Madison

Famously known as the Shark Girl, Madison Stewart is a filmmaker and shark conservationist whose purpose is to educate and make people think through her films. She's been diving with sharks since 12 yrs and got her first underwater camera at the age of 14. Madison's work has exposed governments who are killing sharks illegally and educated the masses on the shark fin trade multi-million dollar industry. She is protecting sharks by providing Indonesian shark fishermen with an alternative income through tourism with Project Hiu, who was created by Madi to improve life below and above the surface.

Some Of The Question I Ask

- Are sharks as dangerous as portrayed in the movies?
- Why should we care about saving them?
- How did you make friends with your enemies?
- What is the shark fine trade?
- Who influenced you the most in your life?
- What's the legacy you want to leave?

What You'll Learn

- How you can help be part of the change
- Why should we care about saving sharks
- What Project Hiu is all about
- Who are the shark fishermen who became Madi's closest friends
- How to become a conservationist
- How to lead from the heart instead of with anger

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