Episode 5 | Monica Samuel

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"Learn, unlearn, work on yourself. This is a time for you and as a community to do some self-reflection. It will be uncomfortable, but that is part of becoming a better human being. It's reconnecting with your humanity."

- Monica Samuel

So much happened these last 2 weeks. George Floyd being slaughtered in front of our eyes by a white police officer, Regis Korchinski's death while Toronto police officers were present with her in her apartment, the peaceful protestors being brutalized by the police, white folks screaming at other white folks for saying "Black Lives Matter". It seems like COVID-19 isn't the only pandemic going around. I was foolish to believe that racism was a pandemic that was over a long time ago.

It was time for me to get uncomfortable and sit down with a leader within the black community to have a much needed conversation. If you are upset, heartbroken and confused right now with all that has happened over the last 2 weeks, you're not alone. Let's take the time to listen, deeply and attentively. Change is coming, and it all starts with a conversation. Dare to have one that matter.

Monica Samuel

"Get comfortable being uncomfortable. You have to do some self-reflection and question the ways in which you may have silently, consciously or unconsciously, supported this system." - Monica

Monica Samuel is the founder of Black Women in Motion, a Toronto based organization dedicated to transforming communities where black women are leading thriving lives. She is a CEO, social entrepreneur, educator and provocateur. She also works with black women who have been victim of sexual violence and supports them through this healing process. A victim of sexual violence herself, Monica and her team are focused on helping black women develop leadership skills, team work, social advocacy in a safe and structured environment.

She is an educator and advocate for black mental health & wellness and strongly believe that real growth and change starts with education.  

Unapologetically Black, she is stunning, she is compassionate, she is fierce, she is untamed.

Some Of The Question I Ask

  • What is racism and how does it show up in our lives?
  • What challenges black people go through that other cultures don't?
  • What is white privilege?
  • What is antiracism?
  • How can we implement antiracism in our daily lives?

What You'll Learn

  • What racism looks like
  • A better understanding of white privilege stands for and why not to take it personally
  • Why "All Lives Matter" is a disrespectful statement to make
  • How you can actively become an antiracist and help humanity in it's fight towards injustice & inequality

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