Episode 8 | Josee Meunier

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"You need to understand how your body works so that you can put yourself in an environment that works for you."

- Josee Meunier

Did you know that you can build more resilience by self-regulating your senses?! We experience the world through our 8 senses (yes I said 8) and how our nervous system process our environment through theses senses will determined our capacity for resilience.

Today, I'm super stoked to sit down with one of the most brilliant and passionate woman I know: my cousin.

Josée Meunier

Josée Meunier is an occupational therapist. She has been a Clinical-Educator and part-time professor at the interprofessional clinic of the University of Ottawa for the last 20yrs.   She’s been working with children who struggle with learning (academic and motor), emotional regulation, anxiety, sensory processing and energy regulation. In her work, she uses principles from a variety of approaches like cognitive therapy, emotional freedom techniques, sensory processing, and different neurological theory.  In the last year, she has taken her knowledge and passion to implement a physical and mental health program at a College in Ottawa to facilitate learning for students with various handicaps. But her most important title of all is the title of being my cousin!

Some Of The Question I Ask

What is sensory self-regulation?

Are we a result of our environment or our nervous system?

How can we use our environment to our advantage?

What happens when your nervous systems gets overloaded?

How can we learn to cope with a changing environment?

What You'll Learn

How we are wired to react differently to our environment and what can we do to use that to our advantage.

What happens when our nervous systems get overloaded.

How we can learn to cope with a changing environment.

How we can train our brain and nervous system to be less sensitive or reactive.

How we can set up your environment for success.

How our organs influence the way we interact with the world.

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