Episode 9 | Cassie Drake

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"If you don't pursue what you're actually called to do, you're doing a disservice to people." - Cassie Drake

Have you ever felt unfulfilled with the life you are living? Does it feel like there must be more to life than your own current situation? If you've always dreamt of starting you own business, living an unconventional lifestyle and having freedom of location and creativity, then this is the episode for you!

Designer of Dream Lives

Cassie Drake is an ex-architect turned acclaimed Canadian entrepreneur, business mentor, content creator and world-traveler. As the founder of the Influentielle Mastermind, Cassie helps women-led businesses grow to give their founders the financial freedom and fulfillment they’ve always dreamed of.


Because she knows firsthand what it's like to live an unfulfilling life herself.


Only 5 short years ago, Cassie had what she thought was the ideal life she had worked so hard for – she was the youngest to ever work at the largest architecture firm in the country, and seemed to have it all. The career, the education, the downtown condo, and the "perfect" partner. But in reality, deep down she was actually miserable. One day while clocking in more long overtime hours, she looked around and realized that her life would look NO different in decades down the line unless something changed...


So she did just that, and changed everything.


She quit her job, sold her possessions, and moved to the middle of the Mediterranean to start building the life she wanted.


Fast forward to today and Cassie is now location-independent, running a successful business and helping others do the same.


But it was not an easy road. She had to forge a path herself, take an unconventional route, all while figuring it out on her own. She's taken years of learnings through continuing education, self development, and a hell of a lot of trial and error to become the expert she is now.

Some Of The Question I Ask

Did you ever feel like there was more to life than the way in which you were living at the time?

What did you have to change about yourself to get the life you want?

What is the first step to start an online business?

How can we use purpose-driven marketing to change people’s lives

What is digital marketing?

What You'll Learn

How to stop living the life others are telling you you should want

How we use different vices to cover up the unhappiness within ourselves

How seeking experiences and novelty if often just a cover up

How to take responsibility for your growth

How to change your perceptive to one of abundance

How victimhood feeds the ego

How we identify to pain which creates more of it

How to stop showing small and start speaking our truth

How to start an ethical online business

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